Aspria Seeds demonstrates the highest yield in Kabardino-Balkariya – up to 110 dt / ha
Kabardino-Balkariya agrarians this year harvested high yields of corn. As of mid of October 50% of the area is harvested, while the average yield in the country is 55-58 dt / ha.

it is pleasant to note that corn hybrids by Aspria put up a good performance in the fields of Kabardino-Balkariya. In farmers’ lands, to the north of Nalchik, our hybrids with FAO above 500 – АS13 555, АS13560, АS13550, АS 13580 и АS13585 show ed the result twice as high as the average for the country, up to 110 dt / ha. Thus, depending on the hybrid the humidity was about 17 – 22%.
This year,n Kabardino-Balkariya is planning to break the record of 2013 and harvest more than 1 million tons of crops.
It is to be recalled that for the production of maize seeds more than 128 thousand hectares has been planted.