Chile - harvesting

Harvesting Aspria hybrids in Chile from demonstration fields, presents encouraging results and excellent quality results of new genetics, created and designed to meet the needs of agrarians.

Ukraine – Testing area

Receiving of seeds from Chile and establishment of nursery and testing area «Shpola 2014»


The 2013 ASTA Conference in November

Aspria Seeds SA participation in the ASTA conference (American Seed Trade Association that numbers more than 700 members, originated not only from the USA) in Chicago (USA)

October 2013

- «Aspria-Mine» program startup
- Sending seeds to Chile as part of programme «Winter-2013»
- First created lines transfer for testing and for copyright protection in the countries of eastern Europe
- Breeding and research station is putting into operation in Ukraine
- «Aspria Seeds Ukraine» creation
- «Aspria Seeds Georgia» creation

The first hybrids and presentation of the brand during the race SilkWay rally 2013

Creation of the first hybrids by Aspria in July 2013.
Aspria was firstly presented to the public: pilot and participant of SilkWay rally 2013 F.Chavigny and his racing car №109, were wearing the colors of Aspria Seeds

Agreement with companies in Chile

Agreement with Chilian companies for provision of services on R & D in South America.

Establishment of the first Aspria Seeds nursery in Ukraine.

Agreement with the University of Hohenheim and the purchase of breeding company MIT in Moldova

An agreement with the University of Hohenheim (Germany) on the use of haploid-diploid inductors was signed.

Purchase of breeding company MTI in Moldova


Formation of ASPRIA SEEDS company and signing of agreement on cooperation

ASPRIA SEEDS SA was formed in September 2012, in the Luxembourg

By the end of the year first agreements on cooperation were signed and first transfer of the first maize and sunflower hybrids for tests in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were effectuated.