Why do customers prefer hybrids by Aspria Seeds?


  • we were able to involve in our researches top experts in the field of agricultural genetics;
  • Together with our partners we own breeding grounds in Europe, South America and Asia;
  • We keep up with the times and every year we offer new hybrids;
  • Every year we invest heavily in the development of new proposals for the market;

Counterfeit protection

  • Counterfeiting in seeds market is an age-old practice which flourishes in that is why we invest a lot in counterfeit protection;
  • every bag produced by Aspria Seeds S.A. without regard to the culture has a three-level protection against counterfeit;
  • to protect our customers from counterfeit products we have organized twenty-four–hour call centre;

Genetic purity

  • We have got only first-class geneticists employed, who have been proving their qualification for many years;
  • our seeds meet all international quality standards;
  • Each hybrid has its own history and its own way innovation-based development, which is confirmed by fixed technical specifications and results
  • each lot has a quality certificate and all necessary documents proving its origin;
  • seeds that belong to different lots are sown on a separate fields for more detailed tracking of the quality of hybrids;

Customer Service

  • We work with our clients on a direct basis as well as through our network of partners;
  • Unlike world known competitors our clients receive answer as soon as possible after sending the response;
  • Customer service operates around the clock;
  • We provide a free consultation concerning our products via phone or we can send our specialist on-site no charge;
  • every year, we sow more than 300 demonstration fields to introduce our hybrids to agrarians, where seminars are held;

Interactivity and transparency

  • our website and websites of our multicorporate enterprise ByFrederic operate on the principle of maximum information content and transparency;
  • websites of our enterprises present the latest news, advices, there are also contact forms for sending requests and getting an answer to your questions from specialists of our company;
  • By mean of our website you can even order and effectuate payment for seeds by Aspria Seeds;
  • If you add your email to our mailing list – you’ll always be up to date with all the events on the seed world market;
  • Online You can read the comments and product reviews from our customers;

Pricing Policy

  • Our goal – to get prosperous clients on the long-term basis, our pricing policy is based on this principle;
  • the price can vary depending on the sales volume and terms of delivery;
  • our loyal customers have a number of preferences in the market;
  • we have several options to help customers to purchase the seeds by mean of note agreement, loan or other offers;